Coordonateur marketing bilingue/ Bilingual Marketing Coordinator (REMOTE)


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The bilingual marketing coordinator supports all marketing activities in connection with privileged partners and members of the group for the French and English Canadian market. In addition, this position supports the US marketing team in dealing with advertising and partner billing requests. The person will be responsible for managing projects through ZOHOONE and will work closely with the Senior Marketing Manager for all activities related to the creation, design and distribution of all English and bilingual print publications.

This position includes responsibilities in the following functional areas:

Membership Services

  • Manage the registration of Canadian and Quebec members in marketing.
  • Developed content for the members' marketing website.
  • Create membership marketing registration forms, promotional webinars, email communications to members to encourage registration.
  • Monitor members' participation in marketing and follow up as necessary.
  • Provide weekly marketing registration updates.
  • Complete the complete Membership Marketing Engagement Table indicating the type of personalization.
  • Complete members' marketing invoice tables and submit them to accounting.
  • Manage the day-to-day administration and updating of Ensemble's CRM systems to ensure all member marketing information is captured and stored.
  • Responsible for keeping the PDST team up to date with marketing information on the Member Portal.
  • Assist contract designers in the process of customizing magazines to travel agencies as required.
  • Provide support to members on marketing programs as needed.
  • Writing of press releases for participating agencies in connection with each publication - expiration date, request for personalization, publication and distribution of the magazine.

Supplier Services - North America

  • Responsible for communication and requests for advertisements and offers from suppliers for all publications and campaigns.
  • Create product request forms to receive products and / or advertisements ready for publication.
  • Review the submitted documents, requesting modifications if necessary to ensure that the products and advertisements meet the stated objectives. Communicate with suppliers on required changes and ensure they are made.
  • Ensure suppliers approve all advertisements and / or final product pages.
  • Send the product or advertisements to the appropriate member of the marketing team for final approval and upload to the appropriate platform.
  • Manage the translation of submitted documents and obtain the necessary approvals.
  • Process all supplier invoices. Obtain the necessary approvals. Follow up on invoices to ensure the accuracy of the actual expense report.

Coordination of print and digital magazine production

  • Create an annual production schedule for all publications and campaigns.
  • Enter projects into the project management system and assign tasks to team members. Monitor the execution of tasks to ensure they are completed, alerting the team of any upcoming challenges regarding deadlines.
  • Act as a project manager to ensure that the copywriter, printers and postal service perform tasks according to the production schedule.
  • Work with the distribution warehouse team to ensure rapid communication to members regarding deliverables, including mailing lists as well as text and images for custom covers.
  • Provide support to the distribution warehouse team with missing distribution lists and approval of unsuccessful magazine covers, if applicable.
  • Work with the distribution warehouse team to determine the quantities of documents to be printed.
  • Work with the Postal Service to ensure they have mailing lists and instructions for the delivery of publications and campaigns.
  • Creates author contracts as directed by the editor (s) for all publications.
  • Maintain a file with all author contracts.
  • Ensure editors upload final articles to shared folders.
  • Work with internal stakeholders to perform image research for all editorial content and submit them to design firms.
  • Coordinate and revise the translation of magazines, mailings and inserts as needed.
  • Create editorial content if necessary.
  • Update and create content for French and English microsites that support print marketing tactics.

Administrative tasks

  • Obtain final mailing information from the postal service for billing.
  • Obtain personalization information from the designer; bill the member.
  • Receive and prepare invoices from suppliers.
  • Enter the information in Concur; ensure invoices are approved and processed.
  • Maintain files with backup details for each supplier invoice.
  • Provide supplier partners with third party invoices when and as required.
  • Work with internal stakeholders to ensure actual expenses are accurate and advise accounting if changes are required.
  • Provide IT department with program updates and marketing plans for the member portal.
  • Ensure that the information on the Member Portal is accurate and updated as necessary.


Bilingual Marketing Coordinator - Job Description

The Bilingual Marketing Coordinator supports all Suppliers and Members Marketing activities for Canada and Quebec, plus supports US Marketing team for Supplier Product Requests and invoicing. Responsible for the development and management of all projects using ZOHO program. Works closely with Sr. Marketing Manager for the production of English and Bilingual publications.

This position carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas:

Print Production

  • Coordination of Marketing Projects, working with Sr Director and Sr Marketing Manager to create yearly production schedule.
  • Enters projects and assigns tasks in Zoho Projects to team players. Oversees execution of tasks are completed, alerts team of any upcoming challenges with deadlines.
  • Prepare, send and save writers' contracts.
  • Acts as the project coordinator by providing instructions to Editor, Printers and Mailhouse. Ensure that all third parties deliver tasks as per production schedule
  • Provides support to the Mailhouse team if distribution lists and approval of magazine covers are missing.
  • Works with the Mailhouse team to determine quantities of material to be printed.
  • Works with the postal service to ensure they have distribution lists and instructions for delivery of all publications and campaigns.
  • Assists Sr Marketing Manager with image searches for all editorial.
  • Manages Supplier Products and Ads coordination by developing line-ups of suppliers participating in each publication for US and Canadian publications.
  • Submits requests to suppliers for Canadian, Quebec and US publications.
  • Reviews submitted materials, requests edits as needed to ensure products and ads meet required goals. Submits products or ads to design firm for creation of print material.
  • Coordinates translation of magazine assets (editorial, ads, campaigns, etc.).
  • Assists Sr. Marketing Manager with content for side bars.

Member Services Responsibilities

  • Acts as main Marketing contact for Canadian members, including Quebec members.
  • Manages all aspects of Member Marketing Registration in collaboration with BDD team and US Member Marketing team.
  • Creates and updates Canadian Member Marketing Registration Chart.
  • Prepares and sends out Marketing Registration Information to Participating Members.
  • Updates the marketing section of the member portal.
  • Tracks registration progress of Participating Members.
  • Sends registration reminders to Participating Members.
  • Updates Member Registration Chart on a weekly basis October to January 30 th .
  • Provides weekly update to BDD team.
  • Acts as main point of contact for members who require additional information, training or assistance.
  • Ensures all members complete and submit a registration form.
  • Supports the team in recruiting new members into Marketing Programs.
  • Updates CRM with member participation information.
  • Creates communication for participating agencies for all publications - due date, personalization request, magazine announcement newsletter.

Accounting Responsibilities

  • Receives and prepares vendor invoices.
  • Prepares suppliers invoices.
  • Inputs information in Concur; ensures invoices are approved and processed.
  • Processes all vendor invoices into Concur.
  • Maintains files with back up details for each invoice.
  • Provides supplier partners with third party invoices when and if required.
  • Works with Sr Director to ensure Actual Expenses are accurate and advices Accounting if any changes are needed.
  • Completes invoicing of participating members for package and, as needed, for surplus magazines and personalization.


Minimal travel is expected for this position.

Supervisory Responsibility:

This position does not have direct supervisory responsibilities

Position type & expected hours of work:

This is a full-time position. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5 pm Occasional evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand. This position is not exempt from Overtime.



Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Travel industry knowledge
  • Basic design and magazine production experience
  • Experience in working with a tour operator or travel agency
  • Working knowledge of common computer programs
  • Project management skills
  • Strong communication skills in French and English

Required Education and Experience:

  • Must have strong knowledge of travel industry either through experience or education
  • Strong computer literacy
  • Must have experience managing marketing project

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Marketing certificate or degree
  • Project management certificate
  • Travel and Tourism certificate or degree
  • Highly Organized
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator in English and French
  • Proactive problem solver
  • Team player
  • Ability to take direction and work with various team players
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Strong time management skills
  • Detailed oriented to ensure accuracy
  • Multitasker
  • Patient and perseverant when dealing with suppliers and members

Job Details

Administrative Support
Travel Agency

Company Overview

Established in 1968, Ensemble Travel® Group is a proactive, member-owned organization of approximately 600 top-tier, independent travel agencies in Ca...


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