How established companies can beat disruptors at recruiting

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  •   03-11-2019  2:00 pm
How established companies can beat disruptors at recruiting

Times are tough if you're a recruiter. The skills gap, ghosting applicants and confusing perks are making it hard to attract candidates, much less hire them en masse.

But some legacy companies are asking more questions: How do established companies compete with market disruptors? Are the newest, coolest kids on the block making a job at your firm seem like a snooze-fest?

To compete, legacy companies may want to double down on things that seem less trendy but are highly appealing to the right audiences — including consistency, good branding and solid access to better training, tech and more.

The image gap

Established companies "should spend more time and resources on employment branding," Josh Withers, founder and managing director, North America, and co-head of CEO/BOD Practice for TrueSearch, told HR Dive in an email. This can mean anything from updating career websites to leveraging social media in more strategic ways. "'Cooler' startups and newer companies know that image matters when attracting the best talent — more traditional companies have not yet caught up to that," he said.

Today's talent looks for cutting-edge companies using cutting-edge tech and operating with solid design sense. What does the company's website say about the experience of working there — and is the company walking the talk? If the online persona is high tech but the application process is snail mail, job seekers will quickly move on. Branding begins at the first touch point; make sure the company's messaging is clearly demonstrated and that recruiters communicate that message at all times.

If a company is looking for innovators, are they being interviewed remotely? If so, which tools are being used? If brought in-house, what does the company's physical space say about its values? An environment that looks like a cubicle farm instead of a trendy co-working space may hold some employers back.

What legacies can offer

Compensation and wages are important, but perks are the new currency when it comes to hiring. Free coffee has transformed into juice bars and free meals. Unlimited PTO, branded volunteer opportunities and even help with student loan debt are pushing the envelope when it comes to enticing perks. Large or well-established companies with more ability to absorb these costs may have an advantage, but the challenge for them may be keeping up with the trends.

For Withers, the most important perk may be career growth, and he said legacy companies may be in a better position to make more, varied offerings for an employee's development. Recruitment processes should stress growth at every contact point along the way – from job postings to the interview process.

Source: HR Dive

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