Online portfolios, personal websites look good on resumé: survey

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  •   01-09-2020  10:56 am
Online portfolios, personal websites look good on resumé: survey

Senior managers also appreciate infographics, personal details – but not Bitmojis

More than four in 10 (43 per cent) senior managers in Canada are impressed when candidates provide access to an online portfolio or personal website on their resumé, according to Robert Half.

Nearly four in 10 also like applicants who highlight accomplishments in an infographic (39 per cent) and add personal details unrelated to the position, such as their hobbies, on their resumé (39 per cent).

"As in-demand skills and workplace trends continue to evolve, how job seekers can showcase their expertise, and best present themselves to employers, is also shifting," says Koula Vasilopoulos, district president for Accountemps, a Robert Half company. "While professionalism on a resumé remains paramount, many hiring managers are drawn to applications that show candidates' passion for their work and individual interests, and clearly articulate why they're the right fit for the role."

Job applicants need to highlight their skills even more, especially since 48 per cent of Canadian and American executives are struggling with the number of job vacancies being greater than the available talent, according to a separate study.

Meanwhile, senior managers think applicants’ chances are hurt the most when they include cartoon images like Bitmojis or caricatures (42 per cent) and use colourful fonts or backgrounds (23 per cent) on application materials, finds the survey of 600 senior managers.

Six in 10 (60 per cent) also said that cover letters are very helpful while 37 per cent reported that networking on social media with employees at the company of interest can tip the scales in a candidate's favour.

Source: HHReporter

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